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At Wallpaper Hanging by Susan Koenig, expert hands will install your wallpaper, and make your home look its best. Rest easy knowing your new style will be installed flawlessly, whether you’re looking for plain, printed, or textured wallpaper.


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Expert Services

A great installation project begins with meticulous preparation processes. That’s why I optimize my skills and expertise, giving clients peace of mind knowing they’re working with a trusted industry professional.

Extensive Industry Experience

I have been offering high-quality wallpaper products and services for more than 25 years. My time in the industry has allowed me to build a strong reputation for dependable services, gaining the trust of a growing list of esteemed clients. I have completed countless wallpaper hanging and interior restoration projects, including those for vintage and historic homes.

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“Susan is a gifted wallpaper hanger and meticulous in her work. She is respectful of each home, keeping everything covered while she's working. She approaches each job in a professional manner and is totally reliable and trustworthy. I recommend her highly.”


Interior Designer in South Asheville, North Carolina

“I have been a client of Susan's for the past five years. She is an excellent wallpaper hanger. The rooms she has papered are beautiful (bathrooms and dining room). She is dependable, neat and precise, and trustworthy. She is the best and I would highly recommend her.”


Homeowner in Arden, North Carolina

“My clients use high-end papers, typically with long lead times. I rely on Susan to provide me with accurate material estimates, saving my clients hundreds of dollars and weeks of waiting.”

Plume Interior Design in Fairview, North Carolina

“Susan is masterful at her trade. Her selection of wallpapers and her meticulous application made my home come to life. Susan is capable of complex applications and was able to paper sections in my home that I didn't think were possible. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with her. She is trusting, fair, transparent, and respectful. I confidently recommend her.”


Homeowner in Montclair, New Jersey

“Susan is a skilled and sensitive professional that we can count on for our Biltmore Forest and Asheville work.”

Roger W. Pollock

Griffin Architects in Asheville, North Carolina